My WIIKINKI is attitude of life. Raw Finnish Courage. WIIKINKI – boho style meets viking warrior with a hint of elegance. Design from wild Scandinavian nature by reviving our heritage, vikings.

The Story

It was a deep winter, when the Viking woman found her man seriously injured while fighting a battle to protect his loved ones. Pronouncing his last breath using what’s left of his weakened strength, he gives the Viking woman his sword and dies in her arms. Gently smiling, the Viking woman said to her man, “Go rest in peace my love, I carry your blood and soul inside me, and we will meet again”. The Viking woman won’t give up. She buries her dead man, praying to Odin to choose him for Valhalla “The Hall of Slain”. She grabs the sword of her man and walks back to her cave home, feeling the eternal power that carries her through life.